25 x Amazon FBA Max Size ‘Small Parcel’ SW Postal Boxes 35x25x12cm (AM2)

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A pack of 25 x maximum size Amazon FBA ‘small parcel’ single wall postal cardboard boxes, specifically manufactured to meet the maximum external size allowed under the Amazon FBA ‘small parcel’ postage and fulfillment rate card. The maximum size for ‘small parcel’ stipulated by Amazon under their FBA postage/fulfillment rate card is 35x25x12cm – ie. 350x250x120mm external. This box has been specifically manufactured to meet these. These boxes also qualify as ‘small parcels’ for Royal Mail postage.

These boxes are specially designed to keep postage costs as low as possible, whilst proving a quick and easy method to pack items. Constructed as a standard 0201 single wall box, they offer a good presentable solution and are 100% recyclable.

The dimensions are as follows:

Internal Dimensions – 343x241x114mm (13.5″x9.5″x4.5″)
External Dimensions – 350x250x120mm (13.7″x9.8″x4.7″)

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