250 x Maximum Size Amazon FBA ‘Standard Envelope’ PIP Cardboard Boxes 33x23x2.5cm (AM1)

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250 x single wall FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) ‘standard envelope size’ postal mailing cardboard boxes. The maximum size for Amazon’s ‘standard envelope’ postage and fulfillment rate under their FBA scheme is 33x23x2.5cm – ie. 330x230x25mm (external dimensions). This box has been specifically manufactured to meet these, and therefore qualifies as a ‘standard envelope’ under their small and light scheme within FBA. These boxes also qualify as ‘large letters’ for Royal Mail postage.

These boxes are specially designed to keep postage costs and postal weight as low as possible, with the weight of each at just 60 grams. Also designed to increase efficiency when packing and save on labour time. They have been designed in maltese cross style, making the boxes extremely easy to assemble (just place item inside, fold over and tape) while minimising postage costs. The boxes fit perfectly as the maximum size allowed under the Amazon FBA ‘standard envelope’ postage rates, as well as under the Royal Mail large letter regulations. These boxes help businesses to save on postage costs, whilst ensuring the item being dispatched stays in one piece in a secure box, and does not move out of proportion.

Dimensions as stated below

Internal Dimensions – 321x220x20mm (12.6″x8.6″x0.8″)
External Dimensions – 325x224x24mm (12.8″x8.8″x0.

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